Avon AM41 Venom Motorcycle Tires

If its time to replace your OE stock tires on your big cruiser, or just not happy with the replacements you got previously, we highly recommend the Avon AV41 Venom front tires and the AV42 Venom rear tires. Our long-time customers love them. They have been a perennial best-seller for over ten years.

The difference in ride quality is simply mind-blowing. Awesome stability and great cornering no matter if in the wet or in the dry.

One thing we hear over and over from our customers is how stable and quietly the Avon Venoms perform, giving you a confident riding experience you just don’t find on lesser tires.

By the way, they look pretty cool too.

Avon Motorcycle Tires North America is based in Stow, Ohio, and sells tires throughout the US and Canada.

Avon’s long history and heritage reaches back more than a century. Located in England, Avon tires are built to perform and are engineered to the highest standards incorporating the latest in cutting edge technology.

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If you have any questions regarding Avon AV41 Venom motorcycle tires, please call our tire experts at 888-326-7801.

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  • Avon AM41 Venom
    Avon AM41

    Avon AM41 Venom

    • Stability and durability for heavyweight cruisers and touring bikes.
    • Distinctive sequential tread design results in an exceptionally quiet ride.
    • Rounded contour profile for easier cornering transitioning.
    • No center grooves designed to resist tracking in wet conditions and on steel grate.
    • Advanced casing construction for low rolling resistance, cooler running, and high mileage.
    • Reinforced double belted fitments available for bikes carrying heavier loads or two-up.
    • Special sidewall design features snake head logo on both narrow and wide white walls.
    • Tubeless.
    • Large range of sizes.
    • H-rated for up to 130 mph.
    • V-rated for up to 149 mph.

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2809019  Avon AM41 Venom Wide White Wall - Size: 100/90H19 - Front TL $119.99


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