Duro HF308 Motorcycle Tires

Founded in 1945 Duro Tire & Wheel has spent over fifty years focusing on the technology of producing the safest most durable tires in the world. Duro produces a complete line of street and off-road tires for both road use and racing.

Because of Duro's reputation for reliability and long wear, many bikes come with Duro motorcycle tires installed as original equipment.

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If you have any questions regarding Duro HF308 tires, please call our tire experts at 888-326-7801, or click on the "Live Chat" icon at the top of this page.

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  • Duro HF308

    Duro HF308

    • Designed for use with classically styled motorcycles and sidecars.
    • Great replacement tire for Ural motorcycles and sidecars.
    • The 308’s modern rubber compounds and 6 ply construction offer excellent puncture resistance.
    • It can be used as a front or rear tire and is available in a large range of sizes.
    • For offroad use, try the HF307.

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SKU Product Type Price Qty  
25-30816-250B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 2.50-16 - Front/Rear TT $33.74
25-30816-300B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.00-16 - Front/Rear TT $35.68
25-30816-325B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.25-16 - Front/Rear TT $46.90
25-30817-275B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 2.75-17 - Front/Rear TT $39.88
25-30817-300B-TT  Duro HF308 - Size: 3.00-17 - Tube Type - Front/Rear TT $35.22
25-30817-350B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.50-17 - Front/Rear TT $52.89
25-30818-325B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.25-18 - Front/Rear TT $50.56
25-30818-350B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.50-18 - Front/Rear TT $51.54
25-30818-400B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 4.00-18 - Front/Rear TT $57.20
25-30819-325B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.25-19 - Front/Rear TT $50.87
25-30819-350B-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage - Size: 3.50-19 - Front/Rear TT $55.32
25-30819-400C-TT  Duro HF308 Vintage Replacement Ural - Size: 4.00-19 - Front/Rear TT $63.79


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