Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon has been making high quality tires since 1904, and for over 50 years, has led the pack in the motorsports arena. Avon supplies tires to over 150 racing championships around the world. But racing tires are only the beginning. Avon produces reliable tires for scooters, cruisers, tourers, sport bikes, and more.

Avon Motorcycle Tires Have Advanced Technology

Avon motorcycle tires combine the very latest design and manufacturing technology to produce tires of unparalleled quality and ability. Beyond racing, Avon tires give you the edge no matter what type of bike you ride, and where you ride.

No matter which Avon motorcycle tire you choose for your bike, you can be sure it is backed by our outstanding customer service, fast delivery, and expert advice. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 888-326-7801 or click the chat icon at the top of this page.

Our Best Selling Avon Tires

Not sure which Avon motorcycle tires are right for your bike? Give us a call at 888-326-7801.

Avon Vintage Race / Non-DOT Approved Tires

Avon Tires - AM22
Avon Tires - AM22
Avon GP
Avon GP
Vintage Race
Avon Universal Tire
Avon Universal
Vintage Race

Avon Trike Tires

Avon Tires - AV71 Cobra Trike
AV71 Cobra Trike

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