Metzeler Motorcycle Tires

Metzeler has been involved in the motorcycle and moped tire industry since 1892 and began focusing solely on this type of tire production in the late 1970's. Since then the company has been an industry leader in the development of innovative treads and compounds.

Metzeler motorcycle tires are known for superior quality and performance and are available for racing, touring, customs, offroad bikes, scooters and more.

Our Most Popular Metzeler Motorcycle Tires. 

  • Metzeler ME880 - specifically built to handle the higher loads and handling of cruiser and touring bikes.
  • Metzeler Lasertec - Sport Touring carcass with lighter, more resistant Polyester fiber giving higher comfort and improving handling.
  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra - The Marathon Ultra is a custom touring bike tire with excellent performance and handling.

Not sure if Metzeler motorcycle tires are right for your bike? Give us a call at 888-326-7801.


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